16 March, 2013

Blee Photography Guest Post - Photography Props

You're all in for a treat as have a guest post by talented Perth photographer, Bobbi-Lee of Blee Photography who specialises in pregnancy, newborn and family photography.

Enjoy her article below... 

There are so many portrait photographers these days, that it can sometimes be hard to set yourself apart. One thing I love to do is create a session unique to my clients and really stylise it to something that suits their personality.
One way to do this is to make your own props! With my newborn photography I like to use unique props and change it up for every session. For instance, I built a wooden log bed from some branches and I change the fur/fabric I use on it as well as adding different flowers for each session to make it unique.

Another prop I use is a little raft for beach sessions. I like to change the sail to suit the client, for example a blue sail for a little boy or a lacy pink sail for a little girl.

Making your own props can be as easy as buying a wooden tub and giving it a coat of paint or something more detailed such as upcycling some pre-owned knitted jumpers into cute hats and pant sets. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to upcycle clothing into newborn photography props.  Here is an example on Pinterest.

I also like to be creative with girl headbands by getting a piece of wool or string and adding a few bead to it which is very simple yet effective.
With my family or child sessions I like to find out what makes that family tick, what are they interested in? If they love the beach or prefer the country, it all makes the photographs unique to them. Sometimes I do a themed shoot, such as fairies and princesses or superheroes and airplanes!

Thank you so much to Bobbi-Lee for sharing some insights into what she uses for photography props.
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