01 September, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Congrats to all our winners and thank you again for taking part in our Scavenger Hunt.  Hopefully next time we will have more entrants :-)

The winners are as follows:-

Georgina Kervin - Lola
Rene Koimans - Samantha Jane Designs Outfit
Sandy Jones - Textured Outdoor Rug - Studio Styling
Carissa Wright - Oz Backdrops - Lens Mug
Raeleen Lawrence - Love that Prop Luxury Knit Wrap
Kayleen Douglas - Lightroom Presets
Melissa Kimber - Mongolian Faux Fur - Studio Styling
Phillipa Ryan - Tiddle Skiddles Newborn Outfit
Rachel Hessey - Please advise from remaining prizes

Congratulations again.  Please contact me via Facebook or e-mail at info@cambags.com.au with your delivery details so we can get your prizes sent off as soon as possible.

15 August, 2013


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07 August, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Deal

It's Wednesday and we've decided to add a Wacky Deal to celebrate :-)

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31 July, 2013


Welcome to our first ever Scavenger Hunt :-)

The aim of our Scavenger Hunt is to have FUN!!!
This competition is for EVERYONE and is NOT only geared towards photographers.  The prizes will NOT be awarded on skill level.
If you participate and comply with the rules and requirements then your name will go into the prize pool :-)
Winners will be drawn randomly from the prize pool.

How to play :-)

1)  Copy and print out the list of items to find.

2)  Make a sign that says "Cambags Scavenger Hunt 2013" either written or on computer.

3)  When you find an item on the list, photograph it with the sign you made in the image.  Photo's can be taken with any camera or mobile phone.

4)  Load your images into an online gallery.  Photobucket, flickr are a couple you can use or you can create a Facebook album with your images - just make sure you make it public so we can view your images.

5)  Once you have photographed 50 or more items on the list, and loaded all images into your gallery, come back to this post and leave a comment with your full name, how many images you took and a link to your gallery.

The Rules :-) 

1)  Please note that the competition is only available for people residing in Australian and New Zealand.

2)  YOU must either take the image or be in the image

3)  The sign "Cambags Scavenger Hunt 2013" must be visible in each image.

4)  You may NOT add the sign in photoshop or any other photo editing software.

5)  Each item on the list must be taken as an individual photo.  You cannot combine items into one image.

6)  Your gallery must contain a minimum of 50 items on the list to qualify for the prize pool.  You are of course welcome to include more :-)

7)  All galleries must be submitted (by comment on this post) by Wednesday 28th August and winners will be announced on Sunday 1st September.

8)  Please ensure you visit our prize sponsors Facebook pages and give them a like.  We will verify that all pages have been liked once winners have been drawn.

The List of Items to Photograph :-)

  1. Your camera bag
  2. A cashier at your local grocery store
  3. A beautiful sunrise / sunset
  4. Laundry
  5. A child on a swing
  6. One Smartie
  7. A dog with a bone
  8. An animal wearing sunglasses
  9. A seedling that has sprouted
  10. A tattoo
  11. One strawberry
  12. Your reflection
  13. A child in a basin / sink
  14. Someone laughing
  15. Self portrait
  16. Blue hair
  17. Ballerina
  18. A sleeping baby
  19. One lego block
  20. The post man/lady
  21. Standing at a traffic light
  22. You in your pyjamas
  23. A rainbow
  24. Someone having a manicure / pedicure
  25. Someone flying a kite
  26. Family dinner
  27. A rock in the garden
  28. Candlelight
  29. Your childs school teacher
  30. One Oreo Cookie
  31. At the movies
  32. Your neighbors front door
  33. A wind chime
  34. A Stop sign
  35. A black cat
  36. Wrapping a gift
  37. Someone knitting
  38. A pink flower
  39. Child in a library
  40. A persons shadow
  41. A duck on a pond
  42. Your favourite shoes
  43. A child eating an apple
  44. An airplane
  45. Flag of your country of birth
  46. A child with a trophy
  47. A dirty child
  48. Inside your handbag
  49. A boat
  50. A store receipt
  51. A seagull at the beach
  52. A sandcastle
  53. A child on a slide
  54. A street sign beginning with a letter C
  55. Shaking hands with a statue
  56. Someone playing Twister
  57. A new puppy/kitten
  58. Bride at a wedding
  59. A pregnant lady
  60. A frosty morning
  61. Mother & Son
  62. Father & Daughter
  63. Bacon & Egg breakfast
  64. Someone jumping on a trampoline
  65. A lighthouse
  66. You sipping on a glass of wine
  67. A ring on a finger
  68. Someone reading 50 Shades of Grey
  69. Someone taking a photo
  70. Someone eating ice cream
  71. A bride or groom
  72. Inside your fridge
  73. Something yellow
  74. Someone playing an instrument
  75. Someone getting a haircut
  76. A child swimming
  77. A blue umbrella
  78. Inside your purse/wallet
  79. A man wearing a tie
  80. A digital clock with the time showing 01:00
  81. Someone wearing polka dots
  82. A child reading a book
  83. Animal print shoes
  84. Someone decorating a cake
  85. Christmas decoration
  86. A train
  87. Inside your closet
  88. You and someone wearing matching clothes
  89. Favourite song on your iPod/iphone/phone
  90. Kids playing ball at the park
  91. An object beginning with a letter C
  92. Your mailbox
  93. Your local newspaper
  94. A puppet show
  95. A stack of pancakes
  96. Someone planking
  97. A pet fish
  98. A slice of cake
  99. One Freddo Frog
  100. Inside the boot of your car

Have fun.  We look forward to seeing your entries :-)

30 July, 2013

Scavenger Hunt PRIZES!!!

We have some amazing prizes for our scavenger hunt which begins on 1st August.  Rules and scavenger hunt themes will be posted on 1st August so stay tuned :-)

All participants that complete the scavenger hunt within the specified time and comply with all rules, will go into the prize pool and winners will be drawn randomly.  Prizes will NOT be based on skill level.  The aim of the hunt is for everyone to have some fun no matter what their photography level is.

Here are our awesome prizes - in no particular order.

Cambags will be sponsoring the following:-

Epiphanie Lola Camera Bag of your colour choice

Camera Necklace

Camera Earrings

STUDIO STYLING are sponsoring the following 

TIDDLE SKIDDLES PHOTOGRAPHY PROPS are sponsoring the following gorgeous newborn outfit:-

BELLA CHIC CREATIVE PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS are sponsoring the following Lightroom presets set.

CLICKIN MOMS Photography Forum are sponsoring a 6 month forum membership.

LOVE THAT PROP are sponsoring the following:-

OZ BACKDROPS are sponsoring the following:-

PAPERLARK DESIGNS will be offering the following marketing sets

PROPSIDAISY are sponsoring the following crochet set in a size medium

RUSTIQUE are sponsoring this gorgeous Mini Log Poser

SAMANTHA JANE DESIGNS is sponsoring the following

FORRESTFIELD PHOTOGRAPHICS are sponsoring the following